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Remming fans FACEBOOK

I decided to start update in Facebook from now on!!

Go! Go!~

Remming fans Facebook

Let's Join!!~

2 singles and first solo LIVE!!!

Credit :
Jrock UK Updater,  Shattered-Tranquility via OHP

レミング (Remming) will release two singles on April 13th, which are called [サクラノキオク] (sakura no kioku) and [宇宙回想記] (uchuukaisouki), each CD will cost 1260 Yen.

[Tracklist] for [宇宙回想記] (uchuukaisouki)
01. 宇宙回想記 (uchuukaisouki)
02. グロウフィッシュ (glowfish)

[Tracklist] for [サクラノキオク] (sakura no kioku)
01. サクラノキオク (sakura no kioku)
02. ギブス (gips)

On occasion of their single release, the band will hold two handshake instores on April 16th at Ikebukuro Brand-x and on April 23rd at Shibuya ZEAL LINK, for more details, please check the official homepages from these shops!

Their first oneman show will be held on May 6th at Shibuya Boxx, tickets will cost 3500 Yen.
For more details, please have a look over here.

Read more:

New Mag!


New magazine!

「発掘盤。」Vol. 010
Release 25 Jan 2011 
Remming special ending!~

3rd Event!~

-3rd EVENT!-

Name : Castle Underground - Chichuuroukaku- The 138 
(PS COMPANY PRESENTS 『地中楼閣-チチュウロウカク-その138』 )

Date : 27 March 2011 (SUN)

Location : Tadakanobaba AREA

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00

Price : Pre-sale ¥3,000, Event's day ¥3,500 (+ Drink ¥500)

Band : Remming, ダウト[D=OUT] and  ν[NEU]

Ticket sale : 30 January 2011 (SUN) at
Lawson [Lawson Ticket (L: 72244)]

More info : PS COMPANY Co.,Ltd./Indie PSC.  03-5355-3822

Remming Address


レミング ◯◯宛


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 Everyone!!!!

Remming Official blog!~





Schedule UPDATE! 2010.12.22

-2nd EVENT!-

Name : Planeta Museum

: 6 February 2011 (SUN)

: Tadakanobaba AREA

: Pre-sale 3,000Y / Event's day 3,500Y (Tax in)

: Remming, TOON FACTORY, ZUCK,  and V-last

Ticket sale
: 25 December 2010 (SAT)

More info
: Remming Official site!~